TechConPro Pvt. Ltd.


Technology is the prime driver of change today. It is still driven by management consultants. Consultancy has become a profession on its own, even for the uninitiated. Yet, it is no longer a fancy. It has become integral to any professional activity from a startup concept paper to executing the most complex technology driven projects. It’s all pervasiveness cannot be negated. Given the dismal track record of management consultancy on the ground, it is time for paradigm shift in the consultancy ecosystem transcending it to the next level and making it fully functional.

The technologist with demonstrated core competencies and demonstrated project execution experience, all verifiable, cross referenced and validated becomes the consultant. Capabilities and costing can be compared on the fly. These are tech consultants. Coming from wide and varied core tech competencies, having experienced consultants themselves in hundreds of projects, have come together to disrupt an industry which has the capability to disrupt all others. They are aware of all the pain areas and would also provide hard core implementation cover. The document and implementation full be in full sync. The executor makes the document. Implementation would thus become inbuilt.

The first layer of technologist consultants are the professionals who have worked with the founder and have a proven track record on large number of projects. With the core proven group, the technology consultant marketplace would take off shortly,the first of its kind in the world. Besides the implementation inbuilt, it would provide data management / analytics / protection capability to the client. In case of completely technology envisioned projects, the platform / company will have the capabilities to guide the client through digital transformation. An all- encompassing service. This is one of its unique offering.

Fixed cost, fixed time and full quality assurance is the commitment of the company and that is what these professionals have delivered through their tough and grueling careers. Full transparency of resources on offer, discretion of selection, costing and timelines with the customer, dynamic updating and real time monitoring provided for, it would be an out of the world consultancy and implementation journey, unknown in the Indian consultancy world of today.

Shortly, the platform would open up for similar tech consultants / companies who would be taken onboard after a stringent selection process. In case of a company both the technologist and company will go through a similar process. The Black Box Consultancy would become history. Upscale tech consultant’s community is being created for this purpose. In an extremely price sensitive market, the overheads will be made to crumble. Global knowledge and know how, the India centric way would be the path forward. Directed disruptive technologies integration will be an option which can be availed by any customer.

TechConPro is founded by Sri. Sanjay Sahay, a well-known practitioner in Technology, Governance and Management for the last three decades. In his second innings, he through TechConPro wants to transform the ever-fragile technology landscape into one of professionally executed and operated projects. It aims at taking out the drudgery, unnecessary stress and tension out of every stakeholder at every point in the Project creation, execution, operations, maintenance and upscaling.

Sanjay Sahay is widely recognized hard core tech practitioner, visionary tech-evangelist, cyber security guru, management expert leading professional public speaker, thought leader, and a writer. His expanse of topics is legendary which are conspicuously his own. It has manifested in his life, thought, speeches, writings and above all action. His has been a desperate journey of Making Change Happen with a firm conviction in the adage - You are what you do and not what you speak.

TechConPro is a true manifestation of what Sanjay Sahay has assimilated so far and what he intends to deliver and achieve.