About Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance is a poorly exploited area, given the extent and nature of multifarious problems it can solve. Currently, the vendors on their own have been managing the business with the via media of System Integrators and Consultants. The research, business and the interregnum connect has never happened anywhere. They have always operated in silos and this has always remained the biggest pain point of both the customer and the industry.

What TechConPro has to Offer

TechConPro is a functional consortium for the creation & execution of humongous CCTV projects in the country with mandatory SOPs, bringing out optimum operational efficiency, enhanced health and safety, risk mitigation, and business continuity.

The Enterprise intends to cater to educational institutions, industrial establishments, builders, police & govt. bodies, investigative agencies, OEMs, management & technology consultants, system integrators, security officers, forensic and video audit teams through its multifarious expertise, training and project development offerings. TechConPro multi-sided technology platform with the technology consultancy aggregation capability can facilitate 360 degrees of video surveillance which includes the following:

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