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Cyber Security has been America’s number one national security threat since 2014 and by extrapolation of the world. The uncovering of the Stuxnet attack over Iranian nuclear enrichment facility in 2010 can be termed as the 9/11 of Cyber Security. Revelations by Edward Snowden in 2013 regarding NSA / US brought this topic to the world center stage. The heady mix of surveillance; corporates, governments, intelligence agencies was out there in the open. WannaCry and Lazarus the dreaded demons of Cyber Security complete the story.

What TechConPro has to Offer

The fragmented world of cyber security marked mainly by products is not the answer. There is a clear-cut indication of this from the Bank of Bangladesh heist in 2016 to the SolarWinds hack early this year. The attacker can hack at will and the methodologies can be endless, what is required is just one weak link. TechConPro brings the technologist/s whose expertise will help create a solution with products, processes, behavior anomalies, contextual intelligence et al. Sony Productions hack is a case in point. They used a listening implant, backdoor, proxy tool, destructive hard drive tool and destructive target cleaning tool.

The more than mechanical dependence on Firewalls and other tools cannot take you beyond a point. In the Digital Immersion Age, the creation of this pandemic, the threat vectors have grown exponentially magnifying the threat surface. Both programming and social engineering threat vectors can be employed simultaneously and fluidly. The attacker being inside the system for weeks and months complicates the whole issue immensely. TechConPro with its vast expanse of Cyber Security Professionals, Products, and Companies can bring alive the magic of collaborative solutions.

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