About TechEd

The gap between the current engineering education and the industry is all too well known, with hardly any effort to bridge from either side. Age of automation is making it worse. Corona activated Digital Immersion Age is here to stay. Cyber Security and Cyber Forensics have taken the centre stage. Disrupt Technologies would take us over fully, sooner than later. Data and Cloud rule our world. Proficiency in both is a must. TechEd courses are on offer to make you industry ready for the ongoing Digital Transformation.

What TechConPro has to Offer

TechConPro as a platform and an aggregator of the best of the worlds of academia, research, industry and practice. The courses are in a continuum from theory to lab to simulation to industry requirements to used cases to other forward linkages. One of its kind courses, TechEd’s endeavour is to make the student an ideal fit for todays requirements. Lab, simulation and field studies are the differentiators. The carefully selected and trained faculty, a mix of academicians and industry practitioners would deliver what they have set out for in a clinical manner. They would skill you into a young tech professional ready to grab your job at the first opportunity.

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