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IT management is the complex practice wherein all of information technology resources of a firm are managed in accordance with its needs and priorities. The Digital Immersion Age has added new challenges, where the system boundaries have been grossly extended. A successful IT management is value creation through clear cut technology intervention. A near synthesis of technology and business strategies is a must. As the critical element of achieving this end in the enterprise or for the customer, Project Management is the most effective tool to make it happen. Project Management is the entire gamut of thought, activities and processes starting from the very idea / requirement to its commissioning and later upgrades and scalability.Project Manager is the magic man who translates it into a tangible reality. You have to be technically brilliant to understand, appreciate and put into action an extremely delicate fine tuning of gadgets, licenses, processes and output.

What TechConPro has to Offer

Mechanical project management primarily being dealt from prism of financial gain is the malaise. Given the present level of technological development and expertise maturity, there is absolutely no reason for a project to fail on account of technical reasons. The incapability of the professionals to have a detached professional delivery thought process is what is killing the projects. This can come only out of hard coded expertise. Have we been able to create an expertise of this nature? Technology project execution still remains the sole prerogative of the vendor. The system Integrator and consultants are sheer add ons. Bringing in the disparate elements together under one effective command and control, technically and managerially sound and a Sutradhar (Project Manager) to deliver the validated Blueprint is the essence of TechConPro.

Integration is what we teach, learn, profess and practice. The task is to make it simple, clear cut and doable for all. Expert advice and guidance is always at hand. The R & D vertical keeps the functional team abreast with the latest and also provides the latest delivery capabilities to the project. The technologist, product, companies, guidance, SMEs and research support are all available on the same platform, there is a functional consortium ready to take on any project. They all work under the same agreement, training, thought process, management systems and delivery capabilities. Surmounting every bottleneck which comes in the project execution journey is our DNA. From idea to reality is the fullest capability of TechConPro.We do it for our projects and we can consult for your projects, if you decide to do it yourself or if a third party is executing it.

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