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Why TechConPro?

Why TechConPro?

Products, tools and services are not able to deliver the actual requirements. The actual requirement is the best suited Technology solution. Thus stitching the best of technologies and products available in the most innovative and workable manner into a solution is the task we have set out for.

Guiding, executing and operationalising all through, would be the Technologist/s, with their credentials front faced to the customer, with complete ownership , responsibility and accountability.
A Product is not a Solution, a Solution is not a Product.



  • Technologist’s Credentials Front Faced
  • Price Discovery
  • Measurable Quality Assurance
  • Inbuilt Data Analytics
  • End to End Solution
  • 360 Degrees TechConPro Ownership
  • Project Control to the
  • Zero Tolerance to Price escalation /
  • Products & Tools Transparency
  • Single Window Approach
Projects don't fail, we fail them.
Sanjay Sahay


The domain of technology consultancy is still in a very nascent stage. Tech- centered consultancy needs to be the technologist / practitioner's domain. Consultancy is not a discipline which can hang in mid-air on templates and management processes. Having being camouflaged by management consultants / auditors / system-integrators, it's time that technologists who have been the prime mover, stand on their own feet to provide technology solutions to the enormous real-life problems; small, big and critical. The power of collaboration on the aggregator mode is already well proven and is at the core of the second phase of the IT revolution. Multi-sided technology platform is the vehicle to bring it to reality in India and abroad.

TechConPro brings in, the best of Technologist, Products, Companies, Systems, Processes and Quality Assurance to churn out the most cutting edge, appropriate and robust technology solutions with India-centric pricing. This is made possible by ironing out intermediaries, non-essential stakeholders and superfluous technology and management overheads. We intend to change the technology landscape once and for all, with relentless technology solutions, executing it with elan and providing one of its kind comfort level to the customers, never experienced in this country. We have the best technology teams in all our verticals. Henceforth, Technology solutions take the center stage.    PROJECTS MAN

Solution Framework

Craft Your Own Solution

  1. Define your specific problem statement in detail
  2. Select the TechConPro technologist / SME with the right expertise
  3. You may create a team for complex projects
  4. Select the right products & tools & decide the process
  5. Discuss with the technologist who would head your project
  6. Freeze scope of work.
  7. Create draft technical solution document
  8. Brainstorming session with technologist / SME
  9. Final technical proposal worked upon
  10. Add commercials and timelines – Final Project Document
  11. Proof of Concept and Validation
  12. Consolidated project proposal & approval
  13. Execution as per project management timelines
  14. Direct TechConPro supervision


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