About Procurement

Procurement is the art, mechanism and the expertise of understanding the requirements, categorising as per need, conducting structured purchase with best pricing inclusive of licences, commissioning and putting it into operation. Creating projects through this mechanism is a complex challenge which every organisation is grappling with. It is most critical to the life, health, progress, productivity and efficiency of the organisation. From technical specifications of a product to overall vision of the purchase is on our radar. It has turned out to be the Waterloo of every government. Procurement is the beginning of technical and operational rationalisation.

What TechConPro has to Offer

The skill of procurement and its successful operation has to be made the DNA of every organization. TechConPro resources with their decades of expertise in government, industry and the domain bring in a unique solutioning capability not available in the Indian market. A failure on this count gets reflected in all its operations. Its a termite that eats up the organisation without it being known. Governments after governments have successfully failed in rationalising the procurement process to meet their ever growing multifarious requirements. Faulty procurement processes and its consequent impacts have hogged the national headlines for decades.

Stitching the three main components of Procurement; indent management, bid process management and SLA / contract management, seamlessly together is our forte. Template management has never delivered and cannot deliver. In a world strewn with technology, products and services procurement is an uphill task, component wise and cumulative. Research is critical to Indent Management, which we are committed to and have immense experience of. Bid process management can put anybody at his wit’s end. Nitty gritty of it is killing. TechConPro has decades of hands-on experience in humongous bid processes in the government guiding the Big Four in large numbers of them. The crowning glory of procurement is the quality of contract management. Still in its nascent stage it can transform the business environment in this country. Next milestone is Blockchain for Contract Management. From a messy affair, we want to transform Procurement into the most effective tool for digital transformation.

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