About Conventional IT

While newer and disruptive technologies will keep entering the market making disruptive innovation the norm. Some will usher in exponential change by their near instantaneous adoption; others would be thrown by the wayside. Technology change does not happen as a complete break. Conventional IT would be there for a long time to come. Given the fast-changing ecosystem, it needs to reimagined, well thought out and executed in the most extraordinary manner. ERP, other software development, integration of legacy systems, networks & data center, software defined networks, eGovernance, citizen centric services, variety of capacity building and host of hand on skill development are there to stay.

What TechConPro has to Offer

The baptism of the founder has been in conventional IT and by now has an inherent and natural flair for it, having most of technology time in the government spent executing it. The recent visits to corporate houses and field locations made amply clear the need for this expertise, product and service offering. Development of a fully home-grown ERP to an SAP implementation and customization can be handled with ease. Police IT, India’s only home-grown ERP in the governmental sector has been the founder’s creation. Resource with more than one-and-a-half-decade experience in SAP ERP and an SAP Architect to support, a unique ERP capability is on offer. All new age technologies have to be integrated some way or the other to the EPP.

The understanding of on premises network, wide area network (Intranet) for the enterprise and data center remains to have immense value given of nature of work large number of enterprises do. The founder has created data center three times over and created Karnataka State Police Wide Area Network now running on private cloud. CCTNS is the main IT project of the Police in India, bringing it on mobility MCCTNS is one of our solutions. Forensic Science Laboratory, FSL Management System, is under implementation in Karnataka. Given the nature of the technologists and SMEs on TechConPro we are well positioned to handle any eGovernance Project and also digital government services or any citizen centric project / service for any government. We have also created a whole bouquet of IT / Tech solutions for forest departments, under the banner of GenNext Forest Solutions.

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