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It was research enabled digital technology which facilitated us to take giant strides, automating the world and making centuries of progress look puny. Research and development came out of the laboratory to real life application. The Google DeepMind model is what we intend to emulate. TechConPro is convinced of the fact that its core task of Stitching Technology Solutions can be achieved only through this time tested mode. Though the technologies covered in all its verticals are by known ones, given their application coverage, they are still in nascent stage. Whether these technologies have delivered the impact desired out of them is another pointer. Secondary and tertiary research, primarily workable and innovative solutions in all the areas we work, is what we have set out to do. Who does even pre-field validation today?

What TechConPro has to Offer

Sanjay Sahay, being founder and mentor of Center for CCTV Research, a not for profit initiative, located at RV College of Engineering, Bengaluru has already made his research intentions very clear. As the Director of TechConPro, research becomes the bedrock of this commercial enterprise. Research to reality is both his vision and mission. He has been practising it for years from ERP to Private Cloud applications. TechConPro is an amalgam of academicians, scientists, researchers, tech professionals, subject matter experts, consultants, system integrators and OEMs who have joined this multi sided technology platform to deliver something different in the verticals they have decided to collaborate.Technologists and their associated companies onboard TechConPro are market leaders from Video Management Software to Drones completely dependent on their technologically challenging, painstaking and long haul research.

TechConPro will take this story forward. Productising tech platforms and generic softwares ideally suited to the customer requirements is a must for this fast changing dynamic tech world. Giving a custom made solution needs time and effort, a research and validation capability and ability to deliver simultaneously. We are ready to take research projects on behalf of customers; public, private and academic institutions. We can also pitch in for joint projects. NIRF Consultancy to develop and conduct research is one of our mandates. Multi-stakeholder research facilities in various tech areas will be our first likely ventures besides the creation of Centers of Excellence and Labs for specific purposes. We would also conduct research on interoperability and integration issues plaguing the market. Enabling technology to become the game changers in our lives is our research value.

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